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Denim is a very sturdy and robust warp faced textile which provides the wearer great durability whilst still providing great comfort. The material can be traced back to clothing which has been made in India for hundreds of years called dungaree.

Contrary to popular belief, denim itself was not first produced in the U.S.A and worn by cowboys; it was actually made in the French city of Nimes and called ''serge de Nimes''. 

Denim was traditionally coloured with blue dye which is why we see so many blue jean products in fashion today. The word 'jeans' actually stems from the French word 'Genes' which means Genoa (the place in Italy) which is where the fabric was originally sourced from.

The first major catalyst for the boom in denim jeans was the Western style Hollywood movies in the 1930s. All of sudden popular culture was full of gunslinging heroes, saving lives and catching baddies all whilst wearing a nice fitted pair of jeans. 

Throughout World War II denim became a staple of many off-duty American soldiers. Again the notion of heroism and standing up for oneself was closely linked to the wearing jeans as the fashion spread not just through America but into Europe in the post war aftermath. 

Denim managed to avoid social classification. Whereas in the past the rich wore expensive suits and the poor wore rags, jeans provided a bridge to this gap and allowed diverse social classes to wear the same clothing. From the 60s onwards we have seen the majority of sub-cultures embrace denim clothing - hippies, ravers, football hooligans, bikers & even high end fashion. Denim truly has become a universally worn item of clothing.

Denim Only have continued this thread and evolution with our jean products and provide a modern day jean which is perfect for every scenario - late nights or long working days.   

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