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1 - It's Iconic Clothing 

From the first time John Wayne was seen saving the day wearing a pair of fitted denim jeans, the humble denim material has been a mainstay in popular culture and society for decades.

2 - It's tough

That's right, it's a very durable material which copes well with the rigours of every day life. Perfect for the modern day man.

3 - It's always trendy 

Yep - fear not, we never see denim going out of fashion. You can be sure that your pair of jeans will still have a place in fashion in the decades to come.

4 - It's low maintenance 

Now we aren't suggesting to not wash your clothes, but denim is well known for surviving multiple wears without needing a wash or an iron. It is also a good material for not picking up dirt making it the perfect choice for those who have busy lives. 

5 - It's comfortable

Yes it's robust, but after a couple of wears our denim moulds to your shape and becomes as comfy as a pair of joggers (in our opinion!). Yet you still look smart.

6 - Distressed? No problem...

Whether you opt for a pair of our distressed jeans or the straight up style, they look good. It says a lot for a piece of clothing when you can rip it and it still works.

7 - It's a good price

Jeans are built to last. We are confident the price of our jeans represents great value. They look great, feel great and will last you no matter what you are doing day-to-day. 

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